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Digital maturity’s impact

Advancing your digital transformation efforts results in greater business success, especially in today’s economic climate of doing more with less while still meeting customer and employee needs. 

Yet Mantis Research found that only 4% of organizations are Optimized, meaning they’ve reached the ideal of a fully automated and digitized workplace. Most organizations fall lower on the scale, with 51% of workers reporting they spend at least two hours per day on manual, repetitive tasks. 

If you’re not Optimized, you risk falling behind the competition, losing out on top job candidates, failing to adapt operations to seize market opportunities, and spending more on one-off technology solutions. But knowing where you are on the digital maturity scale can help you begin to address org-wide inefficiencies and move toward optimization.

The state of digital maturity

Less Mature
More Mature
These organizations are stuck in the status quo with mostly manual, paper-based workflows that limit org-wide efficiency.
These organizations are motivated to improve efficiency and have invested in digitization for at least half of their forms and documents.
These organizations prioritize digitization and use automation to refine processes, better serve customers, and improve data practices.
These organizations are completely digitized but continue to look for ways to optimize workflows with new technology.

Start your digital maturity journey

Digitally mature organizations are proven to retain top talent, innovate faster, and deliver top-notch customer experiences. These organizations streamline internal and external processes, allowing employees to spend time working on projects that deliver significant impact and improve the bottom line. To reach this level of optimal digital maturity, follow the roadmap below.
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Assess Your Digital Maturity

Learn your stage, see how you compare to your peers, and get tips for improving.
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Analyze your personalized insights to find areas for improvement.
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Consult with an expert who will help you dive deeper into your assessment to develop more efficient solutions and create a better customer experience.
Step 4

Implement Your Insights

Level up by using your results to make your org truly efficient.
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The State of Digital Maturity

The 2022 State of Digital Maturity: Advancing Workflow Automation report explores the roles culture, workflow digitization, technology, and team alignment play in advancing an organization's efficiency efforts. It also identifies what mature organizations do differently to reach their goals.
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This Digital Maturity Assessment is brought to you by Formstack and Mantis Research, who surveyed 2,000 U.S. knowledge workers to discover the practices, processes, and company attributes that lead to workplace efficiency.

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